Expression control (explained) works by sending a constant voltage into a passive (unpowered) device like a volume pedal, then measuring the voltage that is returned.

Control Voltage (CV) devices are active (powered) devices that create their own voltage, which is then sent to a device like Kismet for control purposes. CV devices are common with synthesizer gear. They are usually waveform generators, creating sine, square, triangle, etc., waves. The result is a voltage that oscillates with the waveform.

Kismet is not directly set up for CV control, but it is possible to trick it with a special connection. Kismet's expression jack uses the RING connection to send out a constant 5 volts. If that is left unconnected, then a control voltage can be sent to Kismet on the TIP connection. The TIP voltage is what Kismet uses for expression control. Shown below is a way to properly connect a CV device to Kismet using a STEREO -to- DUAL MONO cable, such as a HOSA STP-203.

DO NOT insert a TS mono plug into Kismet's expression input jack.

The RING connection of Kismet's expression jack must be left UNCONNECTED.


The unused RING cable can left unconnected or cut off. Use tape to make sure the cut off ends do not short together.


STEREO-to-DUAL MONO cable (HOSA STP-203 or similar)

INTO CV device


CALIBRATION: It is best to calibrate Kismet’s expression range to match the CV range. Connect the device properly, and run the calibration (User Guide pages 19-20) while the CV travels from minimum to maximum. Any time a device cannot turn on Kismet’s expression control, run the calibration again.

TURNING EXPRESSION CONTROL ON/OFF: Kismet’s expression control is activated by hitting the maximum and the minimum values of the expression input. This means that, if the CV device is an oscillator, Kistmet will automatically turn expression control ON and stay ON as long and the CV is oscillating. In order to turn Kismet’s expression control off, the CV oscillating must first stop, then press the TOGGLE/CYCLE footswitch.


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