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What a strange time we find ourselves in. My heart goes out to anyone who has had faced tragedy during this pandemic.

Through at least June 1, 40% of all direct sales up to $5,000 will be donated to The Mayo Clinic COVID-19 Clinical Fund. This fund supports COVID-19 testing, testing availability, and general COVID-19 response.

ORDERS:  I know times are tough, but if you need something shiny and new to occupy your time, I am still shipping orders.

SAFETY:  Although I am healthy, it is safe to disinfect everything you receive with an alcohol based wipe.

RETURNS AND REPAIRS:  I would appreciate delaying as many incoming packages right now, but I am accepting them. Contact

PERSONAL STATEMENT:  The grip of this pandemic is squeezing us all. With noise coming from every direction, please be careful to put your trust in the advice and information coming from doctors and health officials. This is too important to fall into our convenient habit of consuming soundbites, headlines, or social media and become convinced that we know the facts. The butterfly effect is on full display during this pandemic and we've never been so dependent on each other.

Watching our hospitals overflow and their supplies disappear it’s easy to conclude that our healthcare system is broken. The part that is not, and has never been, is the people. Like many, I have been hospitalized and experienced the altruistic actions of everyone from the doctors to the custodial staff who leave their own troubles everyday to tend to the troubles of others. During this pandemic, it's shameful to simply reward them the title of hero when they are being forced to take unnecessarily heroic measures to do their job. The correct response to a shortage of disposable masks is not "why aren't they just reusing them?" We have to do better than that.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Be ready to once again come together and make music.


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