Use with Kismet: The Kismet has an expression input that requires TIP -to- WIPER polarity. Most expression pedals are wired that way, but some, like the Zoom FP02M™, are not and will require this adapter to be used.

General Description: This adapter reverses the polarity of a 1/4" TRS stereo cable. The TIP and RING of the TRS connectors are reversed. The SLEEVE remains the same. It can be used to connect two devices that would otherwise be incompatible. 

Expression pedal example: Most effect pedals that have a TRS expression input require TIP -to- WIPER polarity. Most expression pedals have a TRS stereo jack with the same, TIP -to- WIPER polarity. Although most common, there is no standard polarity and some devices will be incompatible. This adapter reverses polarity and allows incompatible devices to be used together.

NOTICE: This adapter is for devices with stereo TRS connections. It is not intended for connecting a device with a TS mono connection (like a Line 6™ expression pedal) to a device with a TRS stereo connection (like Kismet).


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